Made with Xara JS Properties LLC, (c) 2010, All Rights Reserved 1841 Heritage Park Plaza Suite 2, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129, Phone 615-907-0998 JS Properties LLC, is located in  Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Joyce Smotherman is owner and managing broker of JS Properties LLC. Ms. Smotherman has a background in Accounting and Management, attended MTSU, and she has over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate  business. JS Properties LLC was established in 1997 and offers clients a  variety of services including residential and commercial sales as well as property management and marketing throughout Rutherford County and the Middle  Tennessee area. Ms. Smotherman has consistently shown a commitment to improving her expertise in real estate and serving her community.  She has served on numerous boards and committees at the local level including the Better Business Bureau and the Property Management Association. JS Properties LLC is a member in good standing with the National and Tennessee  Associations of Realtors and the Middle Tennessee Regional Multiple Listing Service. JS Properties LLC is a client-centric business and Ms. Smotherman holds several professional designations such as Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Graduate Realtor’s Institute (GRI) and Broker’s License. Through the establishment of JS Properties LLC, she has been able to serve clients with a knowledge and skill that is of immense value when deciding to make a purchase as substantial as a home, land or commercial  property. JS Properties LLC also offers leasing and management services to investors for residential and commercial properties. Additionally, Joyce Smotherman is a member of the local Better Business Bureau. She continues to be committed to service and professionalism with focus on the wants, needs and objectives of JS Properties LLC clients and prospects. While expanding her business across a larger portion of Middle Tennessee, Ms. Smotherman continues to find time to pursue hobbies such as reading and cooking. She currently works and resides in  Murfreesboro, Tennessee and can be reached at JS Properties LLC by email at or by calling (615) 907-0998. Site by JS Properties LLC reports on the  appeal of living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee...<more> JS Properties LLC leads the way  in an uncertain Middle Tennessee real estate market...<more> JS Properties LLC recommends  Murfreesboro, Tennessee...<more> JS Properties LLC offers advice  on making the move to Murfreesboro...<more> JS Properties LLC sees down- town Murfreesboro is planning for the future...<more> JS Properties LLC touts the  merits of using a professional realtor...<more>